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Unlock your equestrian potential at Breakthrough. From beginner strides to confident gallops, our passionate instructors and exceptional horses pave the way.

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We're committed to your satisfaction. Every lesson aims to leave you with a smile and a sense of accomplishment, keeping you eager to return for more.

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Our experienced instructors are passionate about sharing their knowledge and ensuring you ride with confidence and skill. They'll be by your side every step of the way.

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Our exceptional horses are more than just animals; they're your trusted partner on this remarkable journey. They're gentle, well-trained, and eager to be a part of your riding adventures.

About Breakthrough Equestrian

Passion, Purpose, and Horses: The Breakthrough Equestrian Way

At Breakthrough Equestrian, we're more than just a riding school; we're a community united by our love for horses and the joy they bring to our lives. Our journey began with a profound passion for these exceptional creatures and a purpose to share that passion with others.

We believe that the bond between a rider and their horse is a unique connection that can transform lives. It's this belief that drives us to provide the best horse riding lessons, professional trainers, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere for our riders.

Join us in celebrating the extraordinary world of equestrian excellence, where every lesson is a step closer to becoming one with the horse.

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We're dedicated to helping you uncover your inner equestrian. Our range of services includes riding lessons that cater to riders of all levels, expert training to hone your skills, beautiful horses available for sale or lease, and top-notch boarding facilities for your equine partners. Whether you're new to the saddle or an experienced rider, our services are designed to meet your equestrian needs.

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Reviews from Google Map & Facebook Page

Discover the authentic voices of our community who have shared their stories, testimonials, and glowing reviews on Google Maps and our Facebook Page.


Samantha Shortt


Breakthrough Equestrian has become our home away from home. Jenny runs a wonderful lesson program for all ages and abilities in a welcoming setting. My daughter has learned much more than riding during her time here. Being in the barn has built her confidence, drive and sense of self...I highly recommend Breakthrough Equestrian


Sofia de Ramel


We absolutely love Breakthrough and Jenny is a fantastic instructor. My daughter would spend every minute at the barn if she could. Jenny is also very accommodating with varying schedules and lesson times. We are thrilled to be part of the Breakthrough community and will be for many years to come.


Lauren Wallace


Sophia and Declan have come twice in 3 month intervals. Ms. Jenny has welcomed them back and picked up where they left off. She teaches them step by step and I have seen their growth from last fall to this summer. Best experience. Their taught everything from how to care for, tack up the horses...Highly recommend for all ages and stages.


Brandy Walus


Jenny provides top notch care of the horses boarded at her facility. She provides amazing bay and grain. Horses always have access to water. She uses an awesome weather app to help decide how and when horses should be blanketed. Jenny also hosts holiday parties and small barn get togethers so boarders feel they have a community here.


Dylan Castro

Adult Rider

There were several characteristics that I wanted in an equestrian trainer: professionalism, adaptability, authenticity, attentiveness, and honesty. I wanted to start my journey to becoming an eventer in a way that most people start anything...Jenny represents the best of what it means to be an eventer, teacher, and all-around good person.


Carly Childers


We love riding at Jenny’s barn! My kids and I all receive lessons, though I’ve been riding since I was young. I love that she teaches horsemanship too, and not just how to ride. Great communication, and very good at working with our schedule! Great horses and instructor! Love it here!

The Unique Connection Between Horse and Rider

Growing Up Confident: The Impact of Horses with Children

At Breakthrough Equestrian, we're passionate about helping children grow into confident, resilient individuals. Horse riding isn't just a sport; it's a transformative experience that nurtures self-assurance, empathy, and leadership from a young age. Working with horses boosts your kids -

  • Confidence

  • Responsibility

  • Mental Resilience

  • Focus and Patience

  • Independence

  • Environmental Awareness

"From Riders to Leaders: Where Every Child Finds Their Inner Strength."

- Jenny Moyer -

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